Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hump Day Confessions Round 13: OITNB, Mornings, & Anti-Mary Jane

Woo-hoo its finally mid-week and time for another Confession Session with Kathy and her Hump Day Link-Up; nothing better than getting it all out on the table.

//Confession #1// I finished OITNB season 2 this past Saturday night; I will not ruin it for those of you who havent yet watched it through, but lets just say season 3 needs a release before next June. 

//Confession #2// I hate my boobs; seriously they get in the way all the time and I have too many titles now to be flaunting these things, I'm not trying to be a huzzy here. 

//Confession #3// I have found that I like Cherry Dr. Pepper over Wild Cherry Pepsi; GASP...I am a avid Pepsi consumer and so this is huge for me, but lets just tell it like it is, Dr. Pepper is amazing altogether then they add cherry...

//Confession #4// I am not a morning person; I don't really get going until the afternoon. I could totally be nocturnal and be just fine. 

//Confession #5// I hate reading, unless its a magazine.

//Confession #6// I despise Spongebob and all kids shows these days; I mean what happened to the shows we watched growing up like Doug, The Rugrats, or AHH Real Monsters? I mean these days the shows are all about drama, even the kids shows. 

//Confession #7// I hate breakfast foods, especially eggs. 

//Confession #8// Since when did buying bandages become some expensive...just sayin'.

//Confession #9// Recreational marijuana is expected to go back on the CO ballet this coming November according to the news; my thoughts are it should have never been passed to begin with, I don't support it. I know some of you are like "OMG, lets start a war" but seriously this is just something that should have never been passed, people don't need to be high all the time, or abuse it thanks to a dirty doctor. I don't even see this not passing again, too many people enjoy it and so many people have moved here since it passed. They made a bad choice and now they have deal with it. 

//Confession #10// Is summer break over?! I am ready for school to start back so I can relax some around here; its just bittersweet. 

//Confession #11// We watched The Zohan a few weeks ago and I loved it, its completely stupid but has a great story line and ended good, you should watch it too and be part of the group! 

Ahh, much better! What are you confessing this week?! Join in the fun over at Kathy's place and while your there get a bit of laughter in your day, you'll need it. 


  1. OMG confession #6! Yes!!! I HATE Spongebob!! NOT FUNNY. Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life and Doug all the way! And omg I'm watching OITNB right now and have yet to start season 2 so thank you for not having spoilers!! :D

    1. I know right?! And your welcome, I figure it would be rude of me to post gif's from season 2 considering some people havent watched it all yet; but I will do a whole post on this show in a few months for sure...

  2. Season Three of OITNB has to be released ASAP! I wish I'd paced myself.

    1. I am actually happy I finished it already,but then again its not really a show you can honestly pae yourself too; they have to get on the ball of releasing season 3 before June 2015 that just will not work out for those of us who love this show!

    2. pace...pace is what I meant

  3. Omg I do that exact thing with my boobs, they are so heavy I need to rest them at times lol


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