Wednesday, June 18, 2014

King Rules: Ten Truths for you, your family, and our nation to prosper By: Alveda King


Growing up I was always fascinated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; I loved when in movies they would play scenes from his speeches and reading things in our history books about him was always so interesting. I chose this book in hopes of it being very wholesome to read considering it was by someone related to him, his niece; I was not disappointed.
What I really love about this book is that it shares family stories and yet reaches out to the reader about such an important time in our history, along with that it teaches you the Rules of the King Family and how they see the world. You get 175 pages divided into 10 chapters which share the 10 principles of the King Family Rules and wisdoms to live by.  

Some people may not like this book because of whom the King family is, the impact they have made on history, or because of their skin tone, however in today’s world everyone is equal in my opinion and I would suggest this book to anyone who wants a glimpse into their lives while learning something. This book is nothing short of amazing.

You can purchase this book on Amazon for Kindle or in Hardcover.

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