Monday, June 09, 2014

Life Advice I Want To Pass Along To My Kids...

Life is complicated; here are a handful of things I want to teach my kids as they grow up about life in all aspects of the word...


//1// Choose wisely, friends come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and you want the ones who will be there to pick you up, back you up, and stick up for you in those times of need

//2// Don't ever be friends with a girl who stole your boyfriend; of course we all know and can agree he is scum but so is she now 

//3// Don't get into a fight with a girlfriend/boyfriend thief, that crap just ain't worth it, let them be scum together

//4// Keep secrets, if your friend confides in you, keep your mouth shut unless it causes harm to someone, then tell the whole world if you have to

//5// If your friend is cheating or being cheated on TELL THE OTHER PARTY; its not fair to them and they deserve better than that

//6// If you get into a argument with a friend and things are sour for a while, then both agree to mend things, but one party wants keep the mending on the DL or hidden so to speak, run away, friends don't keep friends in the dark and hidden

//7// Always have sleepovers, they are the best kind of TLC for you and your girls; for the guys, always have time to be just guys without your girls, it keeps your friendship fresh

//8// Your best friend will always be your family; they've seen you at your best and worst and still they claim you, its one of those never ending bonds

//9// Don't succumb to peer pressure; you and your group of girls or guys are much better than drugs and alcohol

//10// Do go on trips and enjoy your youth with each other because you will miss those chances one day


//1// Always choose wisely; just because he/she is popular doenst make them the best fish in the sea for you

//2// My Boys: always pay for your dates, never and I mean never make the girl pay; if you need extra money for a date, call me, I may be able to help you out; and remember the best dates cost nothing but gas and your charm and NEVER try to hook up with a girl before your married, its plain disrespectful to her as a woman and she deserves better than that

//3// My Girl: Never hook up with a guy before your married, it takes all amazingness out of the one thing you can fully have in common with your spouse, not to mention it puts you on the hoe train and we all know your just too pretty for that mess

//4// Always be respectful of your date, and  use your manners

//5// My Girl: If your daddy doesn't approve of the guy your courting, there is no hope in this world for that relationship, sorry there is just nothing I can do; your daddy is and forever will be your first true love and it will take a good man not a boy but a man to impress him enough for him to pass the reigns of his little girls heart, he is only looking out for your well being and best interests

//6// My Boys: If I, your mama, don't approve of a girl your dating, I have good reason, I am a woman and I know their intentions; I will forever be your first true love and like your daddy with your sister, it will take a strong woman not some sissy girl to impress me enough to hand over the reigns of your heart to, I am always taking your best interest into thought

//7// We as your parents, do not care if the person you completely fall head over heels for is white, black, indian, hispanic, yellow, green, blue, pink; what we care about is how they treat you, how they respect you, and how they will provide for you and your future family...the color of ones skin is only skin deep, we care more about who the person really is

//8// Never lie to your date, its just plain wrong, we taught you better than that

//9// Show your personality before your body; always dress modest and show your smarts

//10// Trust not only your parents when it comes to who your dating but your siblings, they too are looking out for you even if you don't like it; this would've saved me a ton of time in my dating years

Marriage For My Girl:

//1// Respect your husband enough to save yourself for him, it will be so much more than you can ever imagine and will mean so much more than you think

//2// Don't let your looks go; you represent your husband no matter if its at his place of business or the gas station

//3// Never talk about your issues in public; some things are better kept private

//4// Never let anything come between your marriage except God, it will fail if you do

//5// Always watch your tone with your husband, how you speak to him will delegate how he responds and what he will do for you

//6// If and when you have children, remember you are still a wife, your husband needs you too in more ways than I will express 

//7// Always show him love; whether it be a simple short kiss and huge hug, or simply taking his opinion before everyone else, he needs to know he is loved

//8// Cook; if you cant cook than ask someone to help you; if you guys prefer a dinner out and can afford it, than make a dessert at home for the two of you to end your night on together

//9// Always ask him how his day is; men have a hard time expressing things and this is one way to get them talking

//10// Be careful how you spend money, don't be careless with it, just invest your money into things rather than investing it into how you feel at that moment

Marriage For My Boys:

//1// Always make her feel loved; from touch to a simple note, even mail her a letter from your office once a week, she will love it...

//2// Surprise her; women love surprises, maybe a surprise picnic date or a short weekend away that is planned for just the two of you, surprise her

//3// Get a sitter when you have children; if she is a stay at home mom, you will and should do this at least once a month to keep a spark between the two of you, if you can afford more than once a month take it, I will even babysit for FREE so you can go out once a week no questions asked

//4// Always take her opinion into consideration before you obligate yourself to something or someone else; she needs to know she is taken into consideration before you make plans with other people, or spur of the moment plans with your friends

//5// Once a month give her a day off to go get pampered; she needs to still feel like a woman, not just a wife or just a mom, she needs to know the woman she was when you first got married is still in there

//6// Be home in time for dinner, if you cant make it at least give her a call

//7// Stay up late and watch the sky together whenever you can, it may sound silly but its one of the most rewarding nights for you

//8// Give her space; sometimes she needs to just take a long bubble bath and forget the noise of the house for an hour

//9// If you are in the wrong in any way from your actions, tone, reaction to a situation, apologize for it; it will change her whole mood to the situation

//10// Help her whenever you can, whether it be helping with dinner, making her coffee, or running errands; she will treasure that more than diamonds


//1// You will overreact to everything when you bring a newborn home

//2// You will want to follow the book when you bring this new little human home, however some things are just dumb, remember that

//3// Never wake a sleeping baby, your baby will tell you when its hungry, needs to eat, or needs a change

//4// Help your wife, its a traumatic experience to have a human come from within out of such a small hole, not to mention one you have carried for 10 months, she will be emotional and mean, just love her through it

//5// Girl when you get the "go ahead" those 6-8 weeks after childbirth, go ahead, your husband misses you in this way and he could care less how your body looks

//6// Those first 18 years you have with your children, they will drive you bat shizz crazy but they will also give you the best moments anyone could ever ask for in life

//7// Boys, if you have a daughter, take her on daddy-daughter dates, she needs to know what to expect from a guy, how to be treated, and its fun for her to get to know you and you to know her 

//8// Girly, if you have a son, take him on mommy-son dates, he needs to know how to treat a lady, what to expect from a lady, and most of all its good to meet his personality and see who he is without his siblings

//9// Teach your children manners and respect; they need to know how to treat people nicely and how not to show their tails while in public

//10// Teach your children to respect what they have, you will have less broken toys, less meltdowns, and life will be much nicer

//11// Limit TV/Video Games, there is a huge world out there to see, let them see it


//1// Laugh often, even at yourself

//2// Its ok to sleep in on the weekends

//3// Enjoy the great outdoors, whether its the beach or the mountains

//4// Enjoy the city life and all it offers at least once in your life time

//5// Enjoy renting an apartment that is close to all you love

//6// Find a hobby that you enjoy doing for yourself

//7// Get a degree; it will take you many places

//8// Always pay your bills, and keep up with your credit score

//9// When your in your mid-twenties, I expect you to have a place of your own and be out of the party stage, there is more to life than beer and hugging a toilet

//10// Ask your dad for money advice, not your mom

//11// Girl: always let you mom help you with your hair and makeup, its one of those memories you will never forget no matter how old you are

//12// Read, read a lot, books are amazing tools to take you all over the world

//13// Remember your dad and I are here to help you in life, not do everything in life for you

//14// Go with your gut, no matter the situation

What are some of life's advice you want to pass on to your kids?


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