Monday, June 23, 2014

Mineral Fusion Lip Crayons

Some time ago I was walking around my local Whole Foods store; I like to browse around and look at all the neat items they have in their health and beauty section, I stumbled across these Lip Crayons by Mineral Fusion. I want to think they had 9 in the range but I only picked up 5. I was happy to see these because they are from a natural brand and I thought they'd be neat to try out. 

Left to Right: Blush, Glisten, Twinkle, Shimmer, & Flicker; Photo's taken in sunlight, there is no glitter!
Blush: nude, creamy texture, no glitter.

Glisten: peachy color, creamy texture, and has no glitter.

Twinkle: medium pink color, creamy texture, no glitter.

Shimmer: peachy pink with a gold sheen, creamy texture, no glitter.

Flicker: deeper coral when swatched, creamy texture, no glitter.

All of these are beautiful colors, they feel nice on the lips, have a slight minty smell, and a nice range of shades to choose from. These are available at Whole Foods stores, I am not sure if these are a Limited Edition{LE} or not because I could not find them on the Mineral Fusion Website. They retail for around $10 ea. but they are completely worth the money for the quality they provide.

Have you tried these before or spotted them in your local Whole Foods?



  1. ohhh these look like something i would actually wear, because I am not a big lipstick person!

    1. these are amazing lip crayons, I love the pinky shades as you can see, they had a few darker shades though, if you find them please come back and share what you found!

  2. The colors are so subtle. These would be great for "no makeup" days just to look a bit polished but not over done. Thanks for sharing! xo-Jane |


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