Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The drugstores these days are full of pretty, shiny, sparkly things; all of which are pretty much the same as their high end counterparts. Lately I have found quite a few foundations that are really nice, and today I want to share my favorite with you guys; Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation in #030 Nude

I finally gave in and bought this new little gem after spying it for about a year although it released sometime in 2012{Makeup Alley has reviews dating back to mid-December 2012}. I am one who does not like full heavy coverage, I like to still look like myself, feel my skin, and look more natural. I was actually thinking this foundation would be heavy but I was so wrong.


Not heavy
Easy to wear
Lasts a full day
Coverage is medium and dead on with skin tone{at least mine}
It feels more like a moisturizer rather than a foundation to me
Price is good at $10-$13 depending where you purchase and sales


k Canister Pump; I don't like that the pump puts out a bit much at a time

Overall, I really love this foundation, its so nice on the skin and the shade is dead on. Its definitely worth a try if your looking for something that offers coverage but is light on the skin for Summer. 

What foundation are you wearing this Summer?

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