Sunday, June 15, 2014

Short Reveiws: L'Oreal Paris Advance Hairstyle TXT IT TOUSLE WAVES SPRAY ALL DAY (UN)DRESSED LOOK

L'Oreal has came out with a ton of new products lately, one of them being this TXT IT TOUSLE WAVES SPRAY; I picked this up a while ago and just got around to using it. Lately I have been apt to curl my hair and although the bottle states to spray on damp hair and style as usual, I like to spray this on my dry hair and shake out my curls; it leaves them beachy looking and it actually textures straight hair too; holds somewhat like a hair spray. This is definitely one of my favorite hair products that has been released this year, if you are looking for something for some good texture that doesn't leave your hair greasy this is a good one to try out. This is a fantastic summer hair product for just under $5.oo!

Have you tried this yet? Do you plan to? 


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