Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Simple Summer Scents

I love Bath & Body Works; what girl doesn't?! Every year I luck up on many things from them around Christmas, and near Summer when I buy online to save extra money. This past time I ordered from them was around the time my kids school year was ending and I was purchasing teacher's gifts. I stumbled across these tiny little glass bottles of some of their new scents for Spring/Summer. I love anything in a glass bottle. 

Left to Right: French Lavender & Honey; Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber; Endless Weekend
Eau De Parfum is defined as: a perfumed liquid containing a percentage of fragrant oils that is lower than that in perfume but greater than that in eau de toilette

All of these scents above as you can see in the photo are eau de parfum; they last a lot longer and smell a bit more fragrant than a mist but not like a full on perfume would. I am someone who loves these tiny bottles of scents because I hardly ever make through a whole bottle of mist in the same scent before they are coming out with something new and smelly that I love and end up getting. 

Here is what Bath & Body Works Says:

As with all Bath & Body Works scents, they live right up to the name. I have been using these for about the past 2 weeks and so far I just love them all, they are amazing. Right now you can get them for only $4 each on the Bath & Body Works Website so its a steal. 

Have you tried any of the new items from Bath & Body Works, what is your favorite Summer Scent?

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