Friday, July 18, 2014

7 Ways to Be Her Hero-The One She's Been Waiting For By Doug Fields {BookLook Bloggers Review}

A book for men, written in man language, by a man, based on marriage…interesting; that is what you get in 7 Ways to be Her Hero-the one she's been waiting for by Doug Fields.  These books are publish by the many, so many Christian/Non-Christian authors think they have the answer to marriage, however this author while Christian, doesn't claim to have the answers to the issues in your marriage, he claims to have tools that will help men as husbands better their marriage on their part. I would say Mr. Fields is right on track.

I chose this book because while its written for men by a man, it hit me too as a wife. We as women don’t always understand our husbands, we don’t understand things they say, to things they do and when it comes to conflicts in marriage we surely don’t understand. Women are wired in the “I’m always right” department, and men are wired in the “Shut down” department; or at least that is what society says. Thing is in a marriage that is not how it works.

The book in the beginning has 4 pages of praise by men of all backgrounds, a lot of them I have heard of; this is followed by a short letter to the author from his wife; then the contents of the book. You have 10 chapters that focus on a key to understanding your wife and women as a whole, followed by a bonus chapter at the end. As a woman and wife myself, I found this book really intriguing into the mind of my spouse, it helps me to better understand how he thinks. I highly suggest this book for husbands, and soon to be husbands, along with wives. I really hope the author comes out with a sequel to this book that is written for wives! Awesome read!

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  1. Good point about it being readable for wives, also. I appreciate womens' perspective on these kinds of reads. I think I may request this book for review :-)


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