Tuesday, July 01, 2014

all those things i love about you-Link Up With Buttons & Birdcages

Link Up The Love  Tuesday with Buttons & Birdcages!

Today I am linking up with Miche from Buttons & Birdcages for her brand spankin' new link-up called: Link-Up The Love Tuesday, where you share something nice for the people you may or may not know, just pure happiness really, and since I was invited I thought I would just jump on in this one because its such a sweet link-up! Today I am sharing some things about my main squeeze, lets get started!
Ahh, all those things I think of when I think of you, those things that make me happy, laugh, smile, sigh, and think of how much I love you. We just celebrated our 7 year anniversary and let me just say, these last 7 years have been just pure joy, even when cleaning up your dirty undies off the bathroom floor, or picking up your dirty plates you left beside the sofa by accident the night before. 

Here are all those things I love about you:
the way you smell like dirt and oil when you wear your uniform home
the way you laugh
the way you fall asleep within ten minutes of hitting the bed
the way your looking at me when I catch you starring at me
the way you get so such excitement from driving way too fast
the way you laugh at the corniest things
the way you creep in those nights you work late so you don't wake me up{I am secretly awake anyways}
the way you always have to ask me where your things are because you don't remember what you did with it
the way smile
the way I feel so safe when you hold me
the way you come in the kitchen and hug me from behind
the scratchiness of your beard
your humor
your sense of life 
the way you keep me dreaming of the future

all those things and more are reasons I love you today more than yesterday and tomorrow more than today, you have made the happiest girl in the world, I look forward to the many years to come and the many mornings I will be cleaning up your dirty cereal bowl because you had a snack in the wee hours of the mornings! all my love-Kris

If you want to join in the fun and share some love for the people you know or even a stranger please go on and link up over at Miche's place, Buttons & Birdcages

Thank you Miche for inviting me to join in your link-up, its such an awesome one, I can't wait to see what others are saying! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Awww, this post has made me go all gooey! What a lovely post. Your hubby is a fox too. :)

    1. awe Miss Leah your such a sweetie, thank you; I am one lucky gal to have captured this man, he sure is a fox(:

  2. Thank YOU for linking up! What a beautiful post and happy belated anniversary to the two of you! Love your little list of things, I love it when my man tries to sneak into bed lol, I'm totally awake most of the time too but never tell him!

    1. Thank you Miche, your link up is such a sweet one, I am happy to be part of it; and yea I am always awake but he never knows that...

  3. This is so super sweet! I love the love :)


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