Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Get to Know King David; Get to Know Apostle Paul by Nancy I. Sanders {A BookLook Review}

Get to Know King David is a colorful children's biography by Nancy I. Sanders; the book has 102 pages of chapter material followed by 17 pages of resources for the reader. The 12 chapters are as follows:
  • A Shepherd Boy
  • A Servant in the Kings Court
  • The Giant Killer
  • King Saul's Anger
  • In Hiding
  • Waiting for God's Plan
  • Crowned as King
  • The Second King of Israel
  • The Turning Point
  • Sad Times 
  • Temple Plans
  • David's Throne Forever
Each chapter is full of all sorts of information for the reader, along with a colored circle along the bottom of the pages for either: Bible Hero, Eyewitness Account, Did You Know?, or Word Bank for some extra insight. 

Get to Know Apostle Paul is another book in the children's biography series by Nancy I. Sanders. Like the previous book it too has 12 chapters based on the bible hero Paul, the chapters are as follows:

  • A Boy Named Saul
  • A Hebrew of Hebrews
  • Destroy the Church!
  • The Road to Damascus
  • Preaching in the Synagogues
  • Christians: Followers of Christ
  • The First Missionary Journey
  • The Jerusalem Council
  • The Second Missionary Journey
  • The Third Missionary Journey
  • Appeal to Caesar
  • From Paul in Rome

Like the previous book it too has resources at the end for the reader to get more in depth information and facts about the life of Paul. 

Overall, like I said in my previous BookLook Review on these biographies, they are awesome books for children. I feel like any child who is interested in a bit more on a certain person from the Bible these would be great for, they would also be great for the library, schools, churches, and homeschools. I feel the author did an amazing job reaching out to children with this series! Fantastic Book!

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