Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hump Day Confession Round 16: Friends, Hair, & I've Never Done That

Hump Day Confessions Link Up with Kathy from Vodka & Soda

Happy Hump Day Y'all; you know the drill, I will be linking up with Kathy as I do every Wednesday to bring you guys some mid-week humor along with tons of other ladies and gents. If you would like to link-up as well head over to Kathy's Place and scroll to the bottom of her post today and link your blog up; we will all come visit you and see what your bringing to the table! Now, lets get this party started!

//Confession #1// I only logged into blogger last week to approve/reply to comments, I was on top of the game with some scheduled posts, high five for me!

//Confession #2// My two best friends are nerds and I love it; they balance me out because I am such a girl; not to mention get me to watch stuff I would have skipped right by, and sing the Spider Man song in Wal-Mart just to embarrass me because its just that easy.

//Confession #3// I am debating the chop, again. I cut my hair a while ago and then decided I would let it grow back out, its at the point I hate it, I cannot do a pony tail because its still too short and layered but cant really style it either; not to mention I am drooling over the pixie cuts again!

//Confession #4// I am addicted to Crossbones, 4 episodes in and I am sold. It has became the go to show in this house for the main squeeze and I, and honestly I cannot wait until the next episode airs on Friday night.

//Confession #5// I am biased as all mothers are and think my toddler is the cutest and funnest babe around. He stole my heart and amazes me every single day from the many random things we fish from the toilets to his sweet kisses, and his love of Mickey Mouse.

//Confession #6// I have decided that the drugstores are really stepping up the game with all the new stuff they are putting out and I am not ashamed of using it, I find looking at the endless isles of pretty things soothing to my soul, its my happy place!

//Confession #7// Frozen food is dinner, and I find it much easier to pop that baby in the oven rather than stand over the stove and actually cook something now that its July and hot as a moe foe in CO without air conditioning.

//Confession #8// We went camping for the 4th, literally one night, and its taken me now 3.5 days to wash the laundry just from that trip. Thank you 2yo for throwing up on me in the middle of the night inside a tent out in the wilderness with bears, and thank you 5yo for releasing your morning pee onto the blankets you and your siblings were sleeping on.

//Confession #9// I find that my husband is the most attractive yet annoying man on this planet. I mean really he is just so freaking hot but I hate picking up after him.

//Confession #10// I have never smoked, gotten drunk, tried any drugs, or went to a party in my entire 26 years of life and I don't regret it.

I feel better now that all this if just off my chest, now hop on over to Kathy's to read the rest of the confessions and get a few laughs along the way for the end of your week. Happy Hum Day!


  1. I can't do the camping thing anymore. I did it too much when I was younger. I like A/C and In door plumbing too much. Spoiled?!

  2. i agree; i also think that my kid is the most awesome kid on the planet!!

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  3. I love Frozen food when I'm running late it's so much easier - no judgment here

  4. Frozen dinners are sometimes just right! Bring on the Stouffers...

  5. haha! totally relating to #9. how do they not realize its easier to pick up stuff as they go?!


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