Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hump Day Confessions Round 17: Laundry, Cleaning, & YouTube Videos

Hump Day Confessions Link-Up with Kathy from Vodka & Soda

Its that time of week for a confess sesh with Kathy; as usual I am linking up with her and joining in all the fun with the other ladies/gents who join in the fun too.

//Confession 1// I did laundry yesterday, well the machine did laundry yesterday, I have a ton to fold.

//Confession 2// I really need to mop my floors considering I cannot remember when I actually mopped last, other than the usual spot clean.

//Confession 3// I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos before bed then getting excited to try new things but I cant because I need sleep.

//Confession 4// I hate kids tablets; they require so much more work than an adult device. My kids have Meeps, and well they drive me nuts because I hate logging into the computer to access the play store, then half the items you cant download because the Meep doesnt have enough storage.

//Confession 5// I really need to clean my car; I think the kids have lived in there the past few months. Poor Bessy needs a good cleaning.

Happy Hump Day Y'all, head over and check out the other confessions on Kathy's blog

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