Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Link-Up The Love Tuesday with Buttons & Birdcages!

Link Up The Love Tuesday with Miche from Buttons & Birdcages
Today I am joining in with Miche from Buttons & Birdcages for her Link-Up called Link-Up The Love Tuesday; where you share some love for anyone under the sun from people you know to complete strangers who have touched your heart!

Being a mother of not one but three little boys, its always nice when a stranger comes up to me in a store and says "I have been in your shoes, I have X boys and this too shall pass."...Its always nice to know your not alone in a world full of little boys!

My mom sent a box this past week and within it was a eyeshadow stick from Covergirl that I had misplaced at some point and couldn't find because my stores were sold out, but my mom being supermom and all went to her local drugstore and bought the very last one, THANKS MOM!

I was at Target a while back and a sweet lady asked me what eyeliner I was wearing because she said my makeup look flawless...{I was wearing the Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow}

I have had a rough couple of weeks and one of my sweet friends decided to text me the Spider Man song just for a laugh, it was just fantastic.

The Main Squeeze decided we needed dinner this past weekend after an ER visit and we actually ended up with a nice surprise date.

My next door neighbor is one of my best friends and she has seen more of me in these past few weeks than any other time of year, I have to say a huge THANK YOU for your shoulder and coffee breaks, your awesome and I am so blessed to have you right next door!

And lastly I want to give a big SHOUT OUT & Thank You to my mother in law whom I refer to as my favorite outlaw because she is keeping me sane these past few weeks with her e-mails and sweet words.

If you would like to link-up please head over to Buttons & Birdcages to join in the fun; Miche has an awesome blog and its a neat way to meet other bloggers...Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Buttons & Birdcages

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