Friday, July 25, 2014

Wasted Prayer: Know When God Wants You To Stop Praying And Start Doing By Greg Darley {BookLook Review}


Ever wonder why it seems we constantly pray for things yet nothing changes?, I am sure most people wonder about that, and the answer is because they are not doing; they are only praying. Within this book the author combines a Biblical basis for prayer and what you should do in your own life to stop wasting prayers.

People don’t realize that if they are constantly praying to God about finances, asking God to bless them with more and more money, but yet they are not using their money like they should be, they are wasting that prayer. If you marriage is on the rocks and you keep praying to God for help but yet you are not following His word for how you should be acting and speaking your marriage most likely won’t get better. Prayers are amazing, God works so many wonders through simple prayers, however our actions impact those prayers too; we have to be active not lazy in our lives to get where we need to be.

Overall this book is a fantastic book on Prayer and Action; the author did a great job explaining the basis for each and how to change yourself to be a better Christian. 

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