Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wifey Wednesday: Motivation For The Ladies Like You!

Women; we all have our clicks, hang outs, and slang; but the one thing we have in common is that we carry the beautiful blessing of being someone's wife. Being a wife one of the greatest gifts God gave to us, the ability to be with one man, completely; to aid in his walk with God, to share moments of joy and pain, to simply love for the rest of our lives.

My question today to you is this: How are you motivating the ladies around you in their wifely walk? 

Are you:

  • ranting VS raving
  • putting down VS lifting up
  • mimicking the worlds views VS sharing God's view
  • tarnishing VS shining
  • shouting give up VS urging to move forward

A couple of years ago a certain issue arose within my marriage, I needed friends and Godly advice to help me along in this situation...or so I thought. When the situation came to light so many people told me to just walk away, that things would not be reparable or the same; but in my heart I knew that is not what God wanted for me or my marriage; God wanted more from me, more from my marriage. Today that issue is over, but from time to time I will think about all the things people said and the repeated words "Just Walk Away" and it makes my heart hurt, I always wonder if they would have been in my shoes would they have simply walked away or would they have wanted Godly advice and a shoulder to cry on...

When a Wifey Friend comes to you in need do this not that:
Don't: join in the rant and put down the spouse INSTEAD think about some good things you've heard of the spouse and rave about them

Don't: put down the spouse INSTEAD offer to lift them up in prayer, or pray with your wifey friend for peace and guidance in that situation

Don't: yell "Run Away" from the rooftops INSTEAD share God's view on marriage and if you can that situation in the terms of what your wifey friend should do

Don't: tarnish your own marriage by searching for a similar hang nail in your spouse INSTEAD shine God's light on your spouse and compliment them for doing something wonderful

Don't: discuss the "D" word with your wifey friend INSTEAD urge her instead to discuss the matter with her spouse in a non-confrontational manner and work towards a goal of resolve

We all go through conflicts within our marriages, but we do with those conflicts will impact the rest of our lives. When a friend seeks your advice be a vessel of God rather than cement from satan.

How do you help your wifey friends when they come to you seeking advice?

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