Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beauty Trends I WON'T Be Partaking In {Fall 2014}

//Curtain type earrings// these are not for the faint at heart by any means, I guess if your dressing up for Halloween as a lamp this would pass, if not, then why in the world would you want this on your ears?!

//Gladiator type earrings// why do we need bangles on our ears?!

//Oh, yea, I got punched in the eye! shadow// seriously if you apply this to your face I am sure you will be asked about it in a concerned way!

//the line, shadow// her eyes look cut off; eye liner is not shadow, there is a correct way of doing it and this is not for the average woman!

//Bright Blue Collar & Tweed// just no, really please don't mix this combo in this way, ever! 

//the outline// unless your Wednesday from The Addams Family please refrain from doing this! 

//in the future eye shadow// unless your planning a trip to space, lets leave this one alone!

//modern mimi bobeck// this was not IN in the 90's and it will not help you now!

//bang clump// why? that is just not appealing at all!

//the major chop: too short bob// lets not, that is just way too short to be feminine in my honest opinion. If your trying to look like you have a longer face there are more tasteful hairstyles out there. I can handle the makeup  but the hair is just not doing anything for this lady!

These are all Fall 2014 said trends coming up, I honestly have yet to find any that are really tasteful for the average everyday woman, I mean if your a celebrity you can get away with these types of crazy things but not if your an everyday woman or mom, I wish magazines would pull together some of those trends from places we can afford! 

Are there any trends your just not up to trying or would not try for the coming season?

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