Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodnight, Ark Written by Laura Sassi, Illustrated by Jane Chapman


Its the end of the day, dinner is over, baths are done, and beds are ready for some little critters and sweet dreams; but, the little critters are scared of a storm; this is how the book goes, its just like getting your sweets babies to bed when they are just not ready or its storming outside and the thunder scare them. Within the beautifully illustrated pages of this book the animals get to bed and so does Noah but, a storm comes and they soon all end up in bed with Noah causing a commotion. Eventually things wind down and the animals and Noah fall fast asleep. 

The reason I love this book is that its a modern take on the wonderful Bible story we all know and love; Noah wears yellow overalls rather than a robe, has a bed like ours, and the animals are essentially his children; its a fun, rhyming, silly way to get the little people to bed and create new memories with a simple book. The author and illustrator did a fantastic job on this book! I am so happy that I got to review this one, my little people loved it; especially my toddler and now kindergartner. If you have not heard of this book, please check it out, your kids will love it too!

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