Sunday, August 03, 2014

Hello August: Whats Happening This Month!

August has finally made its way around once again, and to be completely honest I am purely THRILLED; a lot is happening this month for me and my family, here on the blog, and just some random bits too...

  • Back To School- YAY! Ok, lets be real here, I love my kids but they are really missing their friends, teachers, and routines, so I say I am happy they get to go back to school and our normal routine will start back up
  • I go to WORK- yep, the Main Squeeze has opted to have me and our littlest guy there M-F to handle the office, we shall see how this goes!
  • Fall is a lot closer- its my favorite season, well besides Spring
  • All the Fall Beauty Products are starting to show their pretty faces
  • Yummy foods will be made and shared right here on the blog for you to see-I have tons of recipes I have been stockpiling on Pinterest to try out and review
  • Cooler Weather is approaching which means jean/pants/legging season for me
  • NORMALCY will once again be around my house- lets face it, when you get out of a routine its hard to manage, I cannot wait to see all the new things this month holds not only for me but you guys too!

Happy Beginning of August guys!

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