Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Mess Detectives & The Case of the Lost Temper by: Karen Poth {BookLook Bloggers Review}

The Mess Detectives & The Case of the Lost Temper By Karen Poth is a Zonderkidz I Can Read! Beginning Reading stage 1 book.

I have never met anyone who didn't like Veggie Tales, when I seen this book up for grabs on my BookLook Bloggers account I jumped; my kids love Veggie Tales, the movies have been played thousands of times in my house, we know the songs, and love sitting as a family watching the new movies they come out with, so of course when I seen this beginning reading book I snagged it; and as usual my kids loved this book!

What I find most appealing about this book is that it looks just like the movies, the characters look just the same, the story is written just like a movie but shorter(as expected), the pages are beautifully illustrated with bright colors and neat little details, the story itself is very to the point.

Overview: Bob and Larry are detectives looking to solve a case of the door slammer; while solving the case Bob loses his temper and Larry saves the day by getting Bob to calm down and remind him of how God would want them to act.

I thought this book was great, my kids loved it, and I will be reading some more of these little books with them; they are great for my Kindergartner and Second Grader to read together; highly recommend!

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