Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hump Day Confessions Round 18

Join in the fun over at Vodka & Soda

Now that life has somewhat calmed down from Summer break and Back to School I can finally get back in the groove of all my blog fun, which means that I am linking up once again with Kathy over at Vodka & Soda for none other than Hump Day Confessions, you know some mid-week humor! Lets get confessing shall we?!

//No 1// my toddler decided to put my under garments in the toilet; I didn't do anything but laugh, I am sure I did that too at his age and worse, he was only helping-thankfully he didn't try to flush it.

//No 2// I currently envy my in-laws; they went to the beach this week and well, lets just say I have not even seen sand in well over 5 years; thanks honey for moving us to the middle of the US with no sand or beach or even salty since I can't go I will just say instead that I hate the beach.

//No 3// I have been putting together a box to ship my mom for like 3 months, I finally decided that what I added in today is it, it needs to be mailed; I just keep adding, who takes months to put together a misc box to mail someone? ME! Gotta love procrastination.

//No 4// I have a major weakness for a good sandwich, nothing ordinary for me, I will take Schlotzsky's Deli any day, thanks babe for giving me a new love when it comes to food!

//No 5// I swatched two lip crayons yesterday and left them on my hand all day; wouldn't have been an issue but considering I had to meet with someone at my kids school it somewhat was, no wonder she kept looking at my hand funny...oh well, score is 1-0 for blog content!

That's all I got this week, go ahead and run over to Kathy's and link-up, its a great way to meet other bloggers and add some traffic to your little spot on the web too!


  1. Gotta say I absolutely love reading these. They make my Wednesdays!

  2. Sandwiches make me happy too. I love the ones at Panera Bread.

  3. my husband makes some damn good sandwiches! whenever we go for picnics or outings that require us to pack a lunch, he does all the sandwich-making :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda


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