Thursday, September 04, 2014

L'Oreal Collection Privee & The Perfect Nude!

Some time ago L'Oreal released a new lip product collection called the Collection Privee, it contains 6 shades altogether, ranging from a light pink to a darker burnt red shade. Today I want to share 4 of them with you and what I think of them.

As I mentioned above I have 4 of the 6 shades: Doutzen's Nude, Julianna's Nude, Freida's Nude, and J.Lo's Nude; let me first state that these are between $6-$8 each depending on where you purchase them. Next, I want to mention the packaging, its a matte black with the middle being gold saying the brand and underneath it has in really nice typography gold lettering based on the shade you select. The scent of these lipsticks is really nice, its a sweet scent but its not overpowering like some; these are a glossy finish despite the matte packaging. 

As you can see in the swatches above, Doutzen's Nude is the lightest coming in a light pink, Julianna's Nude is a bit more red to me when its swatched, Frieda's Nude is a deeper nude but really pretty on the lips, and lastly you have J.Lo's Nude which is a simple nude color. What I will mention though is that like many lip products out there what you see as the lipstick itself will not be what you get on your lips, these come off a bit different on the lisp depending on the shade rather than the tube; so with that being said I would select which you feel would work for you go home, test it out, and decide if you like it; I thought Freida's Nude would have been too much for me but luckily it turned out nicely. 

If I were to suggest any of these to you of the 4 I have, I would hands down recommend J.Lo's Nude, this needs to be a permanent in my opinion, its the prettiest nude I have ever seen and will compliment many skin tones. Its not frosty or too glossy its just perfect! 

Overall I really like this collection, my skin tone is pretty versatile when it comes to lip products thankfully and I love all the shades; these will definitely go onto my vanity for some Fall use!

Have you tried this collection? Which is your favorite shade?

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