Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadow: Review

Today I have for you a review of the Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadows; of the collection that totals 30 shades, I picked up 3, each in a different finish to discuss here with you. Let's get started!

T-B: Bella Copper; Bella Rose; Bella Ivory

Bella Ivory (01) Satin Matte: this shade is one that I chose due to it being light and somewhat matte; I thought it would be a good base color for other shadows; and I was right, this one is a fantastic base shade.

Bella Rose (29) Highlighter/Shimmer: I am a sucker for pinks when it comes to eyeshadows; mainly because there just isn't a lot of them and most of them are very chalky if you can find them at the drugstore. This one even though its a shimmer is no different in texture than the satin matte Bella Ivory. Its a true pink, that does not fail in color when applied.

Bella Copper (23) Metallic: Copper is a very normal color for eyeshadows, but the thing I like about this one, is that it really is a one sweep, sure you can build it up if you want but its great on pigmentation on the first try.

The whole group is formulated the same from what I can tell online, the only real difference is the vast array of shades and the 3 different finishes the group offers. Do I feel you should have these in your collection? Yes, without a doubt; they are fantastic and the price tag is under $4 at my local retailer. Will I buy more? Yes, but I am most drawn to the satin mattes and will buy a few others in that selection down the road. The last thing I want to mention to you is that these are all Vegan, and they can be used Wet/Dry depending on the look you want; these are absolutely hands down a fantastic drugstore staple to have in your collection!

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