Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Top Pin From My Pinterest Board: Pamper & Primp

When Pinterest came along from my research four years ago, I didn't even know it existed; to be honest I had my blog going for other purposes and didn't know a thing much more about social media other than Facebook; pass along three years and I have been a Pinning Junkie for some time now and love it! 

Pinterest is so useful for so many things, and I so happy that I get to bask in the pretty things from board to board. Upon my browsing however I stumbled across a beautiful eye look that was in my opinion at the time more Spring/Summer/Halloween, this pin holds number one in my most pinned from my board Pamper & Primp; it is the one eye look I see pop up in my notifications numerous times throughout the day! 


Isn't it beautiful? The reason I pinned this is because it obviously stood out to me using such pretty pops of colors but nothing too crazy; I like that you can do this same look changing up the colors you decide to use and season we are in; not to mention that orangy color is pretty much year round as long as you change the other pops you add with it.

Come check out my beauty board via Pinterest: Pamper & Primp; and as always you can follow me via multiple social media sites and contact me personally via the buttons at the top of the page on the right sidebar! 

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