Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NIV Once A Day Chronological Bible

The Once A Day Chronological Bible is written quite nicely. I really love the fact that you can read just a handful of the Bible each day and within a year say you read the whole thing; who can turn that one down?! At the end of each day the book gives you a reflection to think back on what you read, which I really love.

This Bible is NIV, and like we all know with different translations that are not KJV, certain things go missing, so I would assume like most other translations this one leaves a bit out here and there. Although I do really love the layout of this Bible, there are a few things I really feel its lacking, the fact its paperback and not leather or hardcover is an issue for me. I feel that with paperback, for a book you'll hopefully use daily it can wear fast; I also dislike that in the latter part of the book there are not words in read; and lastly the font is super small so if your older or just can't see well you cannot read this one in bed without a light. Overall though, I do like it, I just feel its lacking in certain areas that I would have preferred had I been actually looking for a new Bible.

You can purchase a copy of this Bible HERE!

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