Wednesday, October 08, 2014

For The Woman Who Feels Alone

Its Monday afternoon, your waiting to pick up your kids from school, you have a headache, and your hot from the walk you just had because your car is in the shop, and your toddler is running around all over the place because the stroller is in the back of said car that's at the shop; your adding and subtracting from that never ending to-do list in your head and thinking to yourself of how your ever going to finish it all on your own. You finally get the kids and start your 10-15 minute walk back home with not one, but 2 whining and 2 really hyper kids to keep under control; once home you get snacks and juice for everyone, let the dog back outside, and ask about the day your kids had at school; while your halfway paying attention you start thinking of dinner and when your husband will be home to help you with the kids so you can finally breathe for a moment which eventually leads to a phone call to only get the news of "I'm going to be late tonight, most likely won't be in until around 9pm.", you sigh with frustration but know there is nothing you can really do about that so you throw dinner together, get homework and showers done, settle what seems like a million disagreements, and have the every day battle of bedtime to handle all on your own, once again; come 8:30pm you finally release some tense air from your lungs and wonder how tomorrow will go.

Sometimes being a wife and mother feels like the toughest job in life, thing is, it really is the toughest. There is nothing in this world that matches being a wife and mother, you go from a husband and kids within a few years and you have a few people to take care of each second of the day, and most often yourself is not included in that mix.

We as women tend to think of everyone else but ourselves, we do and do and do for others from family and friends to complete strangers; we tend to work ourselves to death from cleaning a home, running errands, taking care of our spouse, and our children.

To be honest, its plainly OVERWHELMING! We tend to become irritated, frustrated, angry, sad, and most often time longing for help. I can only speak for myself here in the fact that we don't live near family, we don't have help right up the road anymore, its not like I can call my mom and ask her to entertain the kids while I clean the house, or if she can babysit for me to just have an hour or two to myself anymore, and to be honest I am too tired to wake up and have time alone to myself in the mornings(if I did that it would have to be at 4AM, my kids are early birds). My husband works 6 days a week and most often times he isn't home for dinner, he usually isn't home until after 8PM; so this puts everything with the kids and house on just me, one person, one single person. I cannot tell you the times I have sat in my bathroom floor or my kitchen floor balling my eyes out because I just feel defeated and overworked with life itself. Its hard in essence being a single parent 6 days a week; and I cannot even imagine what it would be like being a military family, that takes some serious strong women.

After that Monday, I remember laying in bed and asking God for help; I know that this season in life will pass, one day our business will get out of its baby stage and my husband will be home on time, my kids will not always be this young, and I will somehow figure out how to balance life out a bit better; but I know I can only get through it and figure out that balance if I have God to help me, and allow Him to really help me; not just with my everyday tasks but with my heart. I can say that yes, we sometimes fail as Christians, Wives, and Moms, and we can grow cold and bitter towards life rather than forgiving. I want to be understanding, forgiving, loving, and to be able to look at things through God's ever so clear golden glasses. What we have to understand is that this season of life is no different than others we have walked through, while it may seem lighter or darker, God is right there fighting those daily battles with us and for us. He knows even better than we do that the enemy is going to want us to lean on our own understanding and view the worldly way rather than look at God's word to help us along.

You see, when we put on the enemy's faux glasses we start doing things our way because it seems better or wiser, or maybe even because its seems more timely; thing is it will never work that way for good; We have to trust in God and use His ever so clear golden glasses to see that with Him and in His time everything will work out perfectly to His plan for us. In these times of struggle we are not alone, it may seem it, it may seem like the darkest time in your life, maybe its just that you feel overwhelmed in life, maybe your going through a tough time at work, or finances are too tight, or maybe someone has passed away; but let me tell you friend, God never leaves us, in good times and bad He is always there, cheering us on, lighting our way, and forgiving us for our faults. Cry on His shoulder, pick yourself up, and reanalyze your day; and if you ever need some emergency scripture, I have you covered with a free printable from MommieDaze!

PRINTABLE VERSION CAN BE FOUND VIA MOMMIEDAZE! -Thanks Colleen for making such an awesome printable for moms!

What is the biggest piece of advice you could give to a fellow woman who feels alone?

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