Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht-The Time Warp Wife

* I received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers

Let’s be honest here, marriage is to some one of the most amazing things they will ever want or submit to, for others it’s the last place on Earth they want to be, and in today’s world the later is mostly true of the majority of people. When I got married 7 years ago I wish I had had this book to read before I got married, it was like I was sitting and talking to a very wise woman who I felt comfortable with over a cup of coffee. I follow the author’s blog and love it just as much as I did this book. What I feel is the best piece of advice from this book is that if you give your marriage to God and you do as God would want you to do in your marriage your marriage can become one of the greats; but only if you lay it at the feet of God and invite Him into it.

Today most marriages fail, people get drained out, stress rears its ugly head, finances become an issue for many reasons, or just plain age. The world is ok of saying “Go ahead, you can start all over, the grass is greener here.” but God wants you to turn to Him and let Him help you along this road to a better more amazing marriage than you can ever dream of. The author is very real, very blunt, and very wise in her knowledge of marriage. I am so thankful I was allowed the opportunity to read her book and take with me the knowledge of a great marriage. So, grab your favorite hot drink, a blanket, and this book and prepare to be enlightened on your marriage or soon to be marriage.

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