Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary New & Enhanced Edition

* I received this book for free from BookLook Bloggers

With the holidays coming up most people get into a more spiritual mood, whether they take up volunteering, a Bible study, or just plain helping others the mood is different than what it has been all year long. Personally I find this type of year more smooth and relaxed for myself, I tend to take up Bible study as part of my day considering the weather where we live dips quite a bit and snow can be falling at any given time; there is nothing like being curled under a nice fleece blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and taking notes from the Bible to start or end your day. I recently received a brand new up to date edition of Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary on my doorstep, and to be completely honest I was thrilled to have it arrive. There is just something really exciting about getting a new item to research while your doing your Bible Study.

This book is amazing in short; it has over 7,000 up to date entries, over 500 enhanced full color photographs and maps, and within the glossy pages with larger print for ease of seeing. I personally like that considering I am horrible at reading some books due to size of font. This dictionary is hard cover and has over 1224 pages. In the beginning it contains the contents, a section on where to find articles and teaching outlines on books of the Bible, and a section on where to find charts, tables and maps within the dictionary; it goes on to include a 5 Step process for a better Bible Study and a Visual Survey of the Bible; and at the back an index to maps is included.

What I really like about this Bible Dictionary is the ease of use, that it has the glossy pages which make for easier turning, the larger font, and the fact it has colored images which make things easier to see. This book would be a great addition to anyone looking to further their Bible Study, going to a Bible College, a Christian school teacher, the church library, or someone new to the Bible. My only pet peeve with this book is that you cannot get it in a faux leather, which personally I feel would be a great option for gift giving, it looks sleeker than a printed hardcover; overall it’s a great addition to your library of books.

This book retails currently for around $50 at most retailers and on Amazon they are offering a pre-order price for around $34 at the time of this post. You can read my full disclaimer for BookLook Bloggers Here!

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