Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NEW Burt's Bees Lip Tints

Recently while browsing the beauty section at one of my local Target stores I happened to come across a little display on an end-cap that had some new editions to the Burt's Bees line; it had a lip tint, a lip shine, and a lip gloss within the three shades Zinnia, Calla Lily, and Forest Flower. Since I typically go for a tint rather than a gloss or one of those squeezy tubes of gloss I snatched up the 3 new lip tints to try out. 

//Zinnia// is a really pretty coral shade, while its not super bright like others out there, its a very nice subtle shade of coral to wear in the Autumn. 

//Calla Lily// is a very pretty mild hot pink shade; like Zinnia its very subtle but a really nice wash of color for Autumn. 

//Forest Flower// is a nude, I was actually thinking it was a brown shade but when you swatch it or apply it, its a bit on the nude side which I really like. I was thinking that of the 3 this one would be the one I didn't like but to be honest its my favorite of the bunch. 

Like the lip tints before them, these are very nice subtle washes of color for the lips; if you don't like a super bright shade, or the feel of a lipstick or gloss then these would be for you. I love that they are really moisturizing, however these are not long lasting so be prepared to reapply if you eat or drink anything. 

Sadly, this one does have two things I don't really love, the packaging, and the shape of the lip product. 

Lets start with the packaging: this product like the rest is within a chap stick tube within a cardboard holder, I don't know about you but I can pay around the same price as this for a really nice Revlon Lip Butter. I feel like if the brand can put out some serious nice packaging with their lip glosses they could do the same for the lip tints that are supposed to imitate a lipstick; they could do a really nice honeycomb printed lid with just a standard silver or copper twist tube and that would make me happy to pay the price tag that these are at. I just feel like the packaging isn't worth price tag.

Lastly I have to say that I have never been a huge a fan of the shape of these lip tints, which I think comes along with the packaging, its round, which means that its gonna be a bit messier to apply, and while some may have a lot of time or mirror to apply these, I feel like they are more of a grab and go product, less fuss, so I guess if they changed the packaging it would be a bit nicer and worth the cost. 

Overall, I do like these lip tints, they are really nice, they wear nice, and they are somewhat less fussy to apply than others out there. You can purchase these at most worldwide retailers or online; check them out online at the Burt's Bees website (the 3 new shades are not posted yet on there) check Target for those.

Have you tried any of these lip tints before? What are your thoughts on this product?

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  1. Bummed that Forest Flower is discontinued. Looked for it everywhere.


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