Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smash The Weight Intro & Day 1 For Me

A new series has arose here on Enlightened Matriarch, its called Smash The Weight; or rather my personal weightloss story. I know so many women who struggle with weight, whether it be that they are overweight or underweight its still a big deal; and for me its overweight. I didn't struggle with my weight enough to really bother me until after I had kids; rather our fourth baby. That whole pregnancy I was sick as a dog and lost a ton of weight, only to gain it all back plus some once I hit around 7 months postpartum; and since then its been a big depressor for me. So, over the weekend I finally realized it was time, time for me to take care of myself since I only have a toddler at home anyways during the day I have no excuse anymore.

Today I chose to start to the C25K or Couch to 5K program; there is a free app available for android through google play {I have no idea about other versions of phones considering I use an android}. With the app you have your own little trainer essentially telling you when to walk/run for a whole 30 minutes. The whole point is that you can go at your own pace, and hopefully be ready to run a 5K by the time your done. Now I don't intend to do that, but instead my first goal will be a new smartphone; I really want the Galaxy NOTE4 like no other considering my NOTE2 had a fatal accident and I had to switch back to my little tiny Nexus...insert major tears here RIP NOTE2. 

So, lets go ahead and do my STATS as of 10.21.14 I am 5'4" and 204lbs; so that would be 4lbs smashed since 10.19.14 when I kicked Pepsi.

My hope is to share my own journey with my readers so that someone else will be motivated to join the weightloss team too; Your body should never be your prison; it should be a place where your comfortable and stress free.

Each week I will share my progress with you and how many pounds were lost; any new foods I try out, what I kick from my diet, and just my thoughts overall of what I am doing.

What are you doing to smash your weight this season?

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