Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Legend of the Candy Cane by Lori Walburg Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey

I have never heard of the Candy Cane Legend before, growing up I heard many a story of Christmas but never one about a Candy Cane, that is until now. This story is a very fascinating story of Christmas and one of the most popular treats associated with it, the candy cane. Within the beautifully illustrated pages of this book the curiosity of a little girl named Lucy unfolds as she helps a man put together his candy store in her town; he shares with Lucy what the Candy Cane represents, and honestly it’s a great way to explain Jesus to children. A Candy Cane turned upside down looks like the letter J, meaning Jesus; when its turned right side up it looks like a shepherds cane, they were the first people who knew Jesus had been born; the red stripes represent Jesus’ beating, and the white represents forgiveness of our sins when we give our lives to Him.

This little book has became one of my favorite children’s books; I see it being read around the Christmas tree curled under a blanket for many Christmas’s to come; its being added to our little collection of Christmas stories. 

This book can be purchased HERE on Amazon (the link is to a hardcover edition, the one here is a board book) Please click here to see my disclaimer!

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