Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weightloss Wednesday: Smash The Weight-Tweaking the Norm

Lets be real here; losing weight is not fun. Its hard work, determination, and draining all the way around the board. But, it is necessary for life, your life

While being motivated to get with the program, it was interesting to see what I need to tweak to make this work for myself and my normal routine with a toddler. Here is what I have found. 

  • If I don't go for a 30 minute walk in the mornings, it won't happen. Life kicks in and the laundry won't do itself nor will the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, know all the things I wish would clean themselves just won't so, I have to get my walk over with by lunch time or it won't happen that day.
  • I need a meal plan; I usually don't eat breakfast, and my lunch is usually the leftovers from some night of the week or either skipped completely. That is being solved this coming week with the "No Plan" Meal Plan I found over on Operation Skinny Jeans {fantastic blog by the way}. I've decided to have fruit for breakfast and then some type of salad for lunch and stretch the meal since its just for myself and has two servings for two weeks rather than one; so I can freeze half the meal for another week. 
  • I am more apt to drink water when its cold; insert bottled water purchase next shopping trip. I have not had Pepsi but once in the past 2ish weeks. I have had tea and water other than that; but tap water just is not ice burg cold so it means its not to my liking which means I won't drink enough.

On top of those 3 things that need tweaking I found out a few things that made me smile and want to share them with you too.

  • My toddler will happily sit in his stroller the whole time I walk without a fuss as long as he has a notebook and crayon. He just looks around and colors pictures for me in his artistic scribbles. 
  • No walk is the same, even if you take the same path, there will always be something different; and listening to nature is quite nice...except on trash day, then you need Pandora!
  • I lost an inch or so somewhere because my shorts that I couldn't wear pre-walking because they while they fit they were a bit snug in places actually fit nicely at this point. I wore them twice last week, don't worry they were clean. 

No workout or exercise plan the same of two people; we are all different, our bodies are different, and our strengths are different. I am really proud of myself, not only for starting this journey but for actually doing something to benefit myself.

How about you, what have you had to tweak in your own day to fit in your exercise routine?

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