Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Ideas for your Wife or Significant Other

Wives are sometimes hard to buy for, well women are sometimes hard to buy for in general, mainly because we splurge on everyone else and never ourselves really. So today I wanted to share my top suggestions for the husbands/guys who need gift ideas for their wife/lady. This list would totally work for someone who is engaged or just dating too, women like pampering and smelly things as well as looking lets get started shall we?!

01. Candles- they are great because they can be used around the house for the smell effect or they can be used for a much needed treat yourself bubble bath; my favorites are from Bath & Body Works, their 3 wick candles last for a long time and you just cannot beat the smell of these babies.

02. Gift Cards for Lunch or a Coffeehouse- hard to believe but we sometimes forget to eat lunch too; we get busy cleaning, making dinner ahead of time, and all the kids stuff; so grab a gift card to places that do quick lunches ie: Chic-Fil-A, Culver's, Firehouse Subs; for coffee check out the area she lives in for places.

03. Flavored Teas & A New Mug/Tumbler- personally I love flavored teas, hot or iced doesn't matter to me; and I know I am not the only mom out there who watches her waistline or at least tries to, teas are great alternative for coffee and if you get fruity teas you can mix them in your cup 3 parts tea to 1 part lemonade and have an awesome fruity drink. 

04. Make a Pamper Basket- this one can be tricky but husbands get in that shower and smell your wife's soap, shampoos, etc; then smell her lotions and potions; make a mental list of what you think she likes and head out to Bath & Body Works or Sephora if you can spare the cash and grab some items like a new soap, lotion, bubble bath, bath salts, loofa, candle, slippers, and a new lush robe; and give her some goodies to pamper herself; heck you can even swing this one at Target. 

05. New Books or A Book Store Gift Card & A Blanket- go scope out her book collection, read a few of the backs, and then hit up the new book section at your local book store for some books for her to read; if your still not sure then just grab her a gift card to go shop the deals after Christmas...don't forget the blanket, that way she can curl up and on the sofa or in a big chair and read her new goods!

06. Give Her a Day OFF- seriously, women take on the house and the kids in most families; even on the weekends we are not off, we are still working doing all our daily tasks and controlling the madness of children...Give your lady a day off, send her OUT by herself or with friends, you and the kids clean the house and make her favorite dinner or if you can swing it order dinner from her favorite place to eat out at...and you or the kids do the dishes once its over. 

07. Take Her "Woman Shopping"- most moms wear clothes that are stained, holy, and well just not that attractive; all our pre-baby clothes don't fit and we usually live in our pajamas afraid to even ruin that $20 shirt that's tucked away in the closet. Take her shopping and tell her she has to buy clothing that is not for moms, so in other words fashionable. Its a win-win for the both of you. 

08. Plan a "Wicked Awesome Date Day/Night" in advance- get a sitter ready in advance, make sure you have the sitter a few hours early that way your lady can take care of herself without interruption from the kids and be all ready for you and the date; go out somewhere new; and try something fun that you did before your kids came along...Give her a card with the date/time she needs to be ready, attire needed to wear, and a special note from you.

09. Get her something she wouldn't get herself due to funds- most women when they become moms they don't really splurge on themselves. So while your out shopping for everyone else on your list pay attention to the things she picks up or looks at for herself but doesn't get for other reasons ie: a new perfume, actually diamond earrings, that awesome plaid jacket, those sexy booties, etc...then you can go sneak back out later and get her a few things. 

Lastly if the above just isn't floating your boat or you aren't sure your wife would like it, then my last suggestion for you would be to:

10. Search Her Pinterest Boards- yep, I am telling you to stalk those babies and if you see something that is awesome that your wife pinned say for "one day" or "fashion" or "wants" then grab it up or get her a gift card so she can really splurge on herself.

There you have it, my suggestions for the Wife...I know my husband always has a hard time getting for me because I never really say what I want, he knows things I like but nothing I truly want...and so here are my best suggestions for you husbands out there whose wife is hard to buy for. 

Any other suggestions? What would you want from your husband/significant other on Christmas?


  1. Really cute ideas, my husband wouldn't be able to handle a shopping day with me. HEHE,
    come check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway for a kate spade handbag
    xx, Jodi

    1. Hi Jodi, thanks for stopping by! My husband hates shopping too but he will do what makes me happy and vice versa; some husbands love shopping while the wife hates it, but either way it'd be a fun date day, men don't know all the crazy things we do while looking for a bargain!


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