Friday, November 21, 2014

Once a-day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional: 365 Practical Insights for Parenting with Grace By Dan Seaborn

As a mom I love devotionals, especially devotionals that will help me be a better parent to my children; when I seen this devotional was up for grabs through BookLook Bloggers I immediately wanted to check it out myself, and I am happy that I did.

Within the pages of this devotional you will find short little sections on each page that are your little study to read, its followed by a Parenting Principle which is somewhat a quote, then it ends with Points to Ponder which are questions you ask yourself and really think about when it comes to you and your parenting. I really love how these are short and easy to follow, they don’t add so much fluff that you’re distracted by the study and the questions they leave you asking yourself are amazing questions. This is a devotional you will want to journal throughout using it, you don’t have to but it’s a neat way to see how you grow as a mom. My only dislike about this devotional is that it’s for 365 days of use, so when they made the dates instead of just placing Day 1 in the top right corner, on the left you have January 1 and it continues throughout the book; I really don’t like when devotionals do that because I feel it throws a lot of people off when they try to use it and want to follow the date they have to start way at the end of the book and work around; personally I think they should have left the months out and just used days instead, but that is just my personal preference. I plan to add this little devotional to my daily Bible study time.

I highly recommend this book to any mom out there, this would make a great a gift for a first time mom also; great way for her to reflect on her parenting as it starts!

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