Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Small Talk By: Amy Julia Becker {A BookLook Review}

If there has ever been a book that I would recommend a mom, it would be this book by Amy Julia Becker called Small Talk. Within these pages filled with beautiful short stories the author shares how her children in everyday life have helped her grow in her own journey as a Christian mom and woman; I don’t think there is a topic in this book that doesn’t relate to a mother out there. We as moms question every choice we make, we are our own worst enemy, and the smallest of people in our lives can make the biggest differences in how we see life and how we live it.

With the holidays upon us, I know many parents are struggling with Christmas and how to properly explain as to why we celebrate it each year; I love how in the book the author has a chapter dedicated to her own fight with explaining Christmas and still keeping wholesome traditions with her kids while letting them explore what she calls Christian Christmas and American Christmas

I highly recommend this book to any mom new or pro; we all have struggles in the journey of parenthood and sometimes our biggest life lessons we can learn for the smallest of people.

You can purchase this book here on Amazon; Please feel free to read my full BookLook disclaimer HERE.

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