Thursday, November 06, 2014

What Someone Forgot to Mention to Me About Having Kids!

Remember those pregnancy days; the ones where everyone was telling you about their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and those first couple of months of having a newborn?! Remember how that junk terrified you to death because you felt as if you just weren't measuring up to Jill as a mom or because you were scared your baby wouldn't be as advanced as the next?! 

You see when your expecting this little bundle of joy people are all about telling you what the next year or so of your life is going to look like; however nobody really ever shares much past potty training with you. So today, I want to share some of my own discoveries past potty training with you and hopefully someone else will get to chime in and share some advice with you too in the comments!

#1-Just because you made it to the whole potty training thing and your child is now using the throne like a pro does NOT mean that daily laundry is over! To be honest here, my kids are now 3, 5, 7, and 9...I feel like I do more laundry now than I ever did when they were super little; I would love to wash those never ending spit up filled, leaking diaper stained tiny baby clothes again rather than dirt, snot, and germy kid clothes any day. Laundry literally NEVER ends, ever! And while we are on this subject, "Where are all the SOCKS?"...just sayin, I know you wore them but why do I only have 3 in the clean clothes?!

#2- Once they start talking it NEVER stops; you will get a million questions every single minute of the day and when you can't answer them, it brings on the dreadful WHYS?! It may result in tears, your tears, while they sit and look at you oddly and ask another WHY question of "why are you crying mommy?!

#3- You will NOT go to the bathroom in peace until they are fully grown and out of your house. I mean really, its just not possible. I swear my kids have dog hearing and know exactly when I sneak to the bathroom in this house. I mean I cannot even shower without those questions mentioned in #2 happening. So, you may want to plan a hiding place in your house for the future that's not the bathroom.

#4- You will never get to have anything to yourself again; When kids are little they tend to be fascinated by everything you own, like lotion, body spray, toothpaste, they get older they just plain lose things and then you have to share with them. My child uses my hair brush, bows, etc all the time...its like she smells when I get a new one and purposely loses hers.

#5- They develop this fairy tale that there is in fact a maid fairy who comes in each day and cleans up after them, does the dishes, laundry, cleans the bathrooms, and makes sure all their papers for school are matter how many times you try to explain that there is not in fact a maid fairy and that she in fact is YOU, there mom, they will continue to assume she is real...

#6- Like their fathers, they assume you have this built in locator for everything they own. So, when something goes missing like their shoes, gloves, coat, homework, or toothbrush; guess who KNOWS where all those things are even though she never used them---YOU! Why?! Because you are mom and know everything in this world and then some according to them.

#7- They don't have filters. Kids just say whatever they want to no matter what and leave you to deal with the situations that causes all to yourself. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have hoped the people in line either in front, behind, or across from me did NOT hear what my kid just said. Thing is they are just brutally honest, about everything; even to you! They will point out that you have stretch marks, your hair wasn't just right, or that you seem a bit pudgy.

#8- There is nothing in this world like a pre-teen girl. My daughter is only almost 10 and some days I just think about the future in the coming few years and how I am going to survive it; I have already thought of buying a white flag to wave at her on most days.

#9- They don't understand you are the Queen of tricks and that they can't, well mostly can't get one past you; I have a rule of no video games during the week, and on most days my kids will try to sneak the question of playing them into whatever conversation we are having. Of course I say no, and then that results into my next issue.

#10- Tantrums never stop; they only really change in intensity. My kid will throw a fit like you just severed her arm off with an ax because she has to clean up her room. And boys, well lets be honest here they are just as bad...Just last night my 5yo pitched a fit for 30 minutes over a superman shirt that is his brothers, he was mad that it wasn't his shirt and even though I tried to explain to him he could borrow it, he still pitched a fit which resulted in a early bedtime for him.

I know I can only speak for myself here, but lets face it, parenting is a hard job to take on. I don't think there is anything that can prepare you for kids, ever! Its a growing and learning experience for everyone involved and no two kids are alike. I love all my kids, they are awesome little people that I have the biggest hopes for in life; I would not change these crazy parts of life for anything, I do however wish I would have been more prepared for this phase of parenting...but then again the fun would have been taken from it had I been prepared!

What has surprised you in parenting once you got past potty training?

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