Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peek of the Week Vol. 1

Its Wednesday you guys; that means we only have to make it through 2 more days until the weekend {I can hear Melissa from Melmphs saying "Ready for the weekend Baby" in my head}...Anyways, today I want to share with you the tips I have been loving for the past week from other bloggers out there when it comes to Wifehood, Mamahood, & Womanhood; you know, the things that inspire me to become a better wife, mom, and self...and hopefully you too!

EOTD-Silver Smoke VIA Peek & Ponder

This EYE look! OMG, I love it...I have a eyeshadow quad from Sonia Kashuk called Up in Smoke that I am dying to use, but haven't because I am not sure of how to use it properly without making my brown eyes look "dirty" so to speak, and this look is amazing, I think I may just play around with it and see if I can re-create this look using my drugstore goods! Don't forget to go check out Peek & Ponder, Ashley is an amazing blogger!

Blush Balancer VIA The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department is on of my favorite place to stop in for some good beauty tutorials; the bloggers behind this site Amy & Kristin are awesome, always showing you how to do things simply yet effectively. Lately I have been into just getting a kissed look on my cheeks, something more natural looking, and I love this tutorial on how to do your blush using a stain or a powder. Make sure your check out the site and browse other topics too!

Eyeliner School: The Stamp VIA Maskcara

Cara is by far one of my favorite bloggers; she is the blogger behind Maskcara; she shows you everything from beauty how to's to fashion and glimpses of her life...I have been afraid of using black eyeliner for a while, and recently Cara posted how to do the stamp using a gel eyeliner and I have been loving it. Please check out her site and say "Hi" she is really an awesome lady!

15 Days 15 Ways to say "I'm Thankful for You" Via The Time Warp Wife
Darlene is one of my favorite Christian Bloggers for Women; she knows how to help you from pretty much every aspect of life...I love her views and her tips for women of all stages of life. I am always trying to find ways to show my husband that I am thankful for him and I love that she put together this little printout of 15 ways to do that. Darlene is the blogger behind The Time Warp Wife.

Thankful Listening Via Tricia Goyer
Like I mentioned above I have been really working on sharing that I am thankful for my husband; I think sometimes in marriage we get on the soap box of "Me, Me, Me" and we forget we are part of a team and need to listen to the other side too. My husband works a stressful job, he is the owner, he is the breadwinner of our family, and sometimes it weighs him down a bit; but when I take the time to listen and let him truly share his feelings and thoughts on things I can see how happy he is to share that part of him with me. Tricia's post on Thankful Listening is amazing, I really love the Steps she provides at the end for you to take as a wife.

Jar of Marshmallows VIA Buzzfeed
Who doesn't like the marshmallows from Lucky Charms?! I know I sure do, and to be honest my husband does too. I think this would be a great gift for Christmas for your spouse. You could even write a letter on how lucky/blessed you feel to have him and fold it like a cylinder and surround it with the marshmallows in the jar. It would be a great gift for your love. Thanks Emily for sharing!

What I Know For Sure Via Because of Jackie
Jackie is the blogger behind Because of Jackie; she literally shares with you her heart, mind, and soul, on her life and loves; this post was amazing, it makes you look at motherhood in a whole different light because she is telling you what she learned from a mom who lost it all...

The Big Difference Between Treasure & Just Plain Stuff Via Club 31 Women 
Lisa is the Blogger behind Club 31 Women; she is a Christian, wife, and mom to 8...what I loved so much about this post is that it shares the difference between what you hold most dear and just plain junk so to speak; she shares how she shared this lesson with her kids and what became of it; a lesson I am trying to teach my own children in this day and age of materialism.

A Letter to my Daughter about Sex VIA For Every Mom; Originally written on Mom Life Now by Sasha
Sasha is the blogger behind Mom Life Now; she shares her life as a wife and mom with you openly. I have a daughter, just one, and she is very dear to my heart. Like most moms I want to shield my children from the harsh world, and teach them from my own mistakes, my daughter being the oldest of the bunch and the one who will grow up first; I found this post on S*x from a mom to her daughter so amazing, and true. Its one that will completely change how you explain this topic to your child, taking away the fear of the conversation and replacing it by truth. Stop over and check out Sasha's blog; For Every Mom is a blog for moms, it shares all the real reality of motherhood with you so be sure to check it out to for your daily dose of laughter!

There you have it, my favorites from the past week from around the blogosphere. I hope something here catches your eyes and heart to encourage you along your own walk as a wife, mom, and woman! Come back next week for another Peek of the Week! 

What are you favorites from the past week?

*photos are linked to original sources; all bold text is linked for your convienence

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