Monday, December 22, 2014

The Small Things Bring the Greatest Joy

Life throws us into many whirlwinds, most when we least expect it, but this time of year I often find that people throw themselves into a whirlwind trying to keep up with the Jones's so to speak; we get really concerned of what others think, what they are purchasing, what they are wearing, and what we don't have rather than focusing on what we do have and being grateful for it and those around us. This year our Christmas has been simplified, we don't live near family so that is easy to do when its just your own house you have to focus on; but in doing that and slowing down over the years around the holidays it has really opened my eyes to what makes me the happiest and its all the small things in life...

My family; on my worst days of crazy I am so thankful to have them around to make me smile and laugh...

Hot coffee with just the right amount of sugar and creamer

Fresh white snow; in NC our snow was really wet, we got more ice than in CO our snow if powdery and so sparkly...

A warm blanket and a good book; you know you can take your mind anywhere you want just by reading a book

A steaming hot shower and my favorite seasonal beauty products; nothing makes me feel more like a woman than taking care of myself, if I can take care of myself than I can take care of everyone else; and a shower and a few beauty products do just the trick for me.

Christmas lights; driving around looking at all the Christmas lights is just amazing, everything looks just like a wonderland; and not to mention a beautiful lit up Christmas tree.

Cuddling with my babies; my kids are far from babies at this point in life but to me they will always be my babies; there is nothing like their little cuddles to brighten my day

Church; lets be honest, we haven't been active church goers for a long long time; but recently we decided to try out a new church in our area and I have realized that just having that little time on Sunday with fellow Christians listening to Gods word and letting my kids go to a class for their own ages makes me so happy. 

My husbands arms; they are my safety net. I feel so safe and loved when I am in his arms and it brings my heart the greatest joy through the day. 

A phone call from my mom or mother in law; these two women are worlds apart in their own lives but let me say bits of advice from them or stories they share make my heart happy; just knowing they thought of sharing it with me is amazing.

I know the holidays can be tough, stressful, and down right gritty; but take some time for you, your own little family, and slow down enough to take the time to observe the small things around you and let your heart be overwhelmed with joy. 

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