Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hello January 2015!

January is actually one of my favorite months; it brings a new year full of all sorts of possibilities and new adventures to embark on; it marks the mid of winter and brings with it the negative temps and lots of snow. Life just takes a whole new shape it seems. 

Like most other bloggers I have been thinking about where I want my blog to go; the content I want to share, the readers I want to have, and what exactly my blog means to me. Over the years my blog has went from just a way to keep up with family, to homeschooling, to just a jumble of things; and while I like that little jumble I want more of a routine here not only for you as readers but for myself, its hard not to know what to write about because I didn't take the time to really think about something. My blog goal for 2015 is to write 6 days a week (3-4 days planned content, 2-3 days just jumble). It gives me a good balance and I hope you one too when you visit over here. 

I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season, created new memories, and are ready for a brand new year full of endless possibilities; I know I sure am! 

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