Friday, January 09, 2015

Homeschooling & Socialization: My Thoughts

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Have you ever told someone that you were thinking of homeschooling? Maybe that you were even considering it for X reasons whether religious, educational, or what have you and while your sharing your happy thought the air in the conversation goes completely still and there is complete silence?! It's like they have to completely chew and swallow before responding. This has happened to me on many occasions, from people I am really close with to complete strangers; its always a shocker when a family decides for various reasons to homeschool. 

Those big shocks for most people come because they have a misconception of homeschooling; they think that homeschoolers live in their house and always see the same four walls, they never leave their house, the kids are strange, and the family is well, just different. They never think of those families who stand next to them at a checkout line or eat next to them a restaurant could be homeschool families; we all look completely different and school different, being different is our specialty

When I first thought of homeschooling I never once questioned my kids education, never questioned all the fun we would have, the adventures we would have, or the stares we would have. I never thought my kids would be considered different because they weren't involved in every activity under the sun or because they didn't sit at a desk and rely solely on a bell, or who didn't have playground scraps with the school bully on a daily basis. I never once thought my kids would want that for themselves and I never wanted that for them. To me, homeschooling is normal; its the best option for my family. 

But no matter what you think or don't think of, others will always throw that one little question out that gets down deep under your skin and causes nightmares for weeks, months, and years to come; "What about socialization?"...they will ask, it will come, and it will come in very different forms. 

So, I took it upon myself to look up this evil word and here is what I found:

Socialize: make (someone) behave in a way that is acceptable to their society; to mix socially with others

When I went to school, the teacher would say to those Chatty Cathy's that school is not meant to socialize; but I am assuming the teacher never looked up the word either before beating that yardstick on the desk. 

As it was once said to me:

The jails are full, the prisons are full, and divorce is at an all time high. 99% of these people were 'properly socialized' in the public schools. Doesn't look like it's working real well if you ask me. 
-Fellow Homeschool Mom

The statement above is a lot to chew and it really makes you think; As a mom, when I think about socialization I think of all the children at schools that get picked on, pushed to the side, left out, informed of drugs, alcohol, and s*x too early; I think about the ones who struggle with bad teachers, the ones who try so hard but just cant ever be good enough. I think of all the world has became, its not like when grandma went to school or even myself at one point. It makes my heart hurt for those children who have no other option. 

Then I think of how I do have an option as a parent; I don't have to let my children go off to a public school; I can let them socialize with each other, with elderly people at a nursing home, volunteer to help the homeless, enjoy a chat with someone at church, and all the other countless real life opportunities I can offer them myself. My kids don't have to be a statistic, they don't have to follow the crowd, they can be the sea green crayon in the box, its the odd one but yet so beautiful when you really take the time to notice it.

For that little bit of peace it makes my heart happy; knowing I am making the best choice despite what others may think...socialization is not all its cracked up to be!

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