Saturday, January 03, 2015

How I Get My Kids to do Chores Without Complaint

Over the years since I became a parent to one plus three more my life has become a constant battle between socks and legos; I tend to never be able to find socks and I always find legos. As you have kids, move into a bigger house or downsize to a smaller house your needs change upon cleaning. In our house with its massive size, 5 bedrooms, couple bathrooms our needs are always that the main areas are clean and tidy and everyone does their part. I have fought the battle of chores, I have made countless chore charts, chore boards, chore name it and I bet I have tried it with my kids; however none of that ever worked! Here's why...

Chores, its such a job-y word, it sounds scary to kids, especially little kids. I personally don't even like that word, and to be honest anything you do can be called a chore. What worked for me you ask? Well that is simple, I never use the word chores...

In our house my kids have things they need to do to help out the house as a whole, like making their beds, cleaning their bathroom, and picking up all their toys like the countless legos...Instead of harping on chores I simply just ask them to do me a favor...What helps mom out, helps the house out. When my kids believe they are helping me out they are more apt to do the task I need done, when I make something seem like a never ending job they are more apt to whine and fret about it. Usually I like to make them a little list of things I need help with while I am doing laundry or dishes or whatever task it is that I am doing and they will happily help me out. I also taught them a younger age to ask me or their dad or even their grandparents if they needed help with anything; the keyword is helping not work

So, if your having a hard time getting your kids to help you around the house or complete their "chores" than maybe try re-wording it for them and ask them to help you instead...helping you is one of their favorite things.

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