Saturday, January 03, 2015

In a World Full of Squares, Be the Round One

In a World Full of Squares, Opt to be the Round One; good quote huh?! I have always thought of the world to be full of squares, people who just follow the crowd, they never learn who they are or what they are doing, they live by the clock and when they have little squares they expect the same for them. You see, when you make the choice to homeschool, you are making the transition from square to round; instead of having little squares sitting at a desk at the square school with the square teacher and square peers all learning the same old thing day after day, doing the same things day after day, you instead get little round cylinders that are free to learn when they want and how they want for as long as they want.

One of my daughters biggest issues with the public school she attends is that they completely knocked out science this year because apparently the teacher who was head of science for the school decided to be a full time teacher, instead of replacing said teacher they just cut science out. I think my child could have fired off like a firecracker had I let her because she LOVES science, it has always been one of her moved prized subjects. Her other peeve is that she cannot learn about whatever she wants to learn about, rather she has to learn as a class about whatever the teacher wants the kids to learn or whatever the district has chosen to put in place along government standards. This drives her nuts, mainly because she is not a square, she hates following the crowd and doing whatever everyone else wants. When homeschooled before, along with whatever curriculum we had chosen, pick out a few topics they really wanted to learn about and we tackled those harder because that topic really meant something to my kids. 

When you follow your own path when it comes to learning you become a cylinder rather than the worlds square; you retain more information, and you strive to excel at whatever that subject is. This is not me saying let your child run a muck in lessons, but rather let them show you their interests and be ok not following the crowd homeschool or not. The more you include them in your choices for learning the more they will learn and be willing to listen to you as their parent. Homeschooling allows you the world; right at your fingertips, explore it. Take your kids to the park to do school, or do school in your pajamas, or go on a million nature walks; enjoy not being a square!

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