Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beginner’s Bible Stories About Jesus Illustrated By Kelly Pulley

This little board book has 7 stories about Jesus, from His Birth to The Easter Story. Each story is either 2 or 4 pages long with pictures on each page and large print to make it easy to read while being easy to understand for the little ones in your life. I would say the age range on this book is infant to kindergarten, due to it being a board book it can withstand the baby love and with the large print it makes it a easy read for a beginning reader. 

The stories include:
 Baby Jesus is Born- 4 pages
Fishers of People- 2 pages
Jesus Calms the Storm- 4 pages
Jesus and the Children- 2 pages
Jesus Feeds Thousands- 4 pages
Jesus Heals a Blind Man- 2 pages
The Easter Story- 4 pages

I do have a few drawbacks  regarding this children’s Bible, that the stories are not original enough, it seems they are the same stories that you would find in pretty much any other children’s Bible out there; and I really don’t like how cartoony the illustrations are, especially the eyes on the characters and some of their hair; I can see why the illustrator chose that route because it does catch the eye a bit but for me personally it’s not my favorite and if I were shopping my local Christian book store I would pass this book up in a heartbeat. Overall I just don’t think it packs enough punch to stand out on its own compared to others of its kind. 

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