Saturday, January 03, 2015

Where I Failed as a Homeschool Mom

Lets kick off this blog by starting with confession so to speak; no I am not Catholic but, confession is good for everyone right?! Today I want to share with you my top failures when it came to homeschooling the first time around; not to have fingers pointed at me or to point fingers at you, more of a your not alone kind of thing...

Many families today homeschool their kids, and for many reasons; when you talk to one homeschool family and ask the tough questions, you may not get that same answer when you talk to another family; and like most answers will be different so are the ways the usually moms handle homeschooling.

My mistakes are like most new homeschool moms mistakes, and with my mistakes came the giving up phase I had to go through. Pro-homeschool moms will tell you to never give up, that there is always a way to handle said situation, and to be truthful they are right, but I didn't want anyone else's opinion when it came to my kids good or bad, which was mistake number one.

I pushed too hard to have a designated school area that looked like a school; now granted most homeschoolers have a "school room" and they are fantastic, but they are not set up like a classroom for 20+ kids. I didn't understand that my kids didn't need everything that a full on classroom offered, why?!, because they are not in a school, we learned at home, where our home was our classroom not to mention anywhere else we decided to go like the park, the backyard, the couch, etc. Mistake number two.

I took the fun of learning away from my kids; this one was one that hit me harder than others I think because my kids are really smart and love to learn wherever they are...Instead of letting them lead some on the topics that interested them I chose the topics for them, which made our days boring, and in turn a huge fuss from everyone. Mistake number three.

Instead of asking for help when I needed it, I kept my frustrations in which caused me to be overwhelmed. Now granted at the time I homeschooled before we lived 1500 miles away from my normal support group of family and my husband worked a 40hr/week job plus went to night school which meant everything at home and with the kids was on me full time with no break at all, ever...Instead of finding a support group of local homeschool moms or relying on my church some for help, I chose to brush it all under the rug until I couldn't take it anymore...Not having a support group or really close friends to talk to was a huge issue...Mistake number four.

Envy of other homeschoolers; this one was big for me, I would look at other blogs of people who homeschooled and I would get jealous that either my day hadn't gone as smooth as theirs or that I didn't have said item for my own kids...You see when you homeschool, you have to understand that your family and homeschool venture will not look the same as others; you have to make your homeschool into what jives for your kids not others...And something most homeschooling blogs don't share is the craziness of their day, or how their kids misbehaved in some way because they didn't want to do something. Mistake number five.

The biggest mistake I made was removing God from our homeschool and honestly our family; You see my husband did go to a bible college for two years to be exact, but God didn't call him to be a pastor or to start a church; it was more of a informational venture if you will (at the time we didn't know this yet). During those two years I learned a lot about God and the bible with the help from my husband and the classes I sat in on with him. It was a good experience, however, once he finished school he was burned out, we were burned out, our whole house was burned out. We chose to remove ourselves from church, and we stopped discussing God and doing what we felt led to do, this ran us into a really bad path as a family...About a year ago I chose to pick up where I left off with God, bring Him back into our family, and its not been easy but it has been the best thing I have ever done. As much as I need God on a daily basis, my kids need Him too; they need to know Him and spend time with Him too and they only learn that through watching me. Mistake number six.

Now we all make mistakes, we are imperfect beings, its what we learn from those mistakes that is really valuable in our lives. The most valuable advice I have for you is to trust God, invest in your kids education, and don't do it alone. Homeschooling is a family commitment for a brighter future.

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