Monday, February 23, 2015

Duck Commander Devotions for Kids By: Korie Robertson & Chrys Howard Illustrated By: Holli Conger

I love devotions for my kids; I feel they are such a gem when kids are small because it helps influence certain morals into their little hearts and minds. When I seen this book {Duck Commander Devotions for Kids} up for grabs I immediately decided to review it, not only am I a huge fan of devotionals for young children, I am fan of Duck Dynasty, they are such a great family with amazing Christian values; and to be honest I wanted to see if the book followed suit with what I have come to know them for, and I was not disappointed. This little book is filled with over a hundred devotions for children ages 4-8. The book is hardcover with glossy pages which makes it such a nice read. The devotions run two pages each, and have a verse, a story, a prayer, and a duck commander in action section, along with beautifully illustrated pictures to keep the kids drawn in. I love the stories and so do my kids, they are easy to follow and understand for little ones. If you like Duck Dynasty then you will love this book for your children, its sticks with their values, and carries on the wonderful story telling they have. I highly recommend this book for young children. 

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