Friday, February 27, 2015

My 5 Favorite Eye Tutorials This Week!

I don't know what your favorite feature to play up on when doing your makeup is, but, mine is hands down my eyes. I have bigger eyes than most and so they stand out regardless of what I do, but I have to say this week I have learned a few good things about eye makeup and wanted to share my five favorites here with you!

#1- The Cut Crease VIA Jenny Sue Makeup

To Jenny Sue Makeup
I LOVE the cut crease! To be honest I tend to do this look a lot with my makeup, and when I seen Jenny's tutorial on how to do it using the things I already have on hand of course I tried it myself...I think you could do this look a million and one ways with all the colors we have available nowadays! 

#2- Sienna Miller Oscars Makeup Tutorial VIA Brikasia

To Brikasia
Ok, lets be honest here, Brianna from Brikasia does this look so simply and with so much ease, it cannot be that hard to do right?! My favorite part of this look is that its simple yet elegant at the same time. This is such a pretty day or night look that anyone can do, and I am so happy that Brianna gave us the tutorial so well laid out! 

#3- Dramatic Eye Makeup Tutorial for the Red Carpet or a Night Out VIA ONE little MOMMA

To ONE little MOMMA
Ok confession time, I don't own anything from Stila Cosmetics, but, I thought this tutorial really was nice and figure that it will come in handy as long as I can search my stash for similar color options. Kilee did a great job on this look and it really looks impressive! I think this is one for a date night with the man I love! 

#4- Line It Up {Tape Trick for Eyeliner} VIA The Beauty Department

To The Beauty Department

If your a blogger or makeup junkie you have heard of The Beauty Department; I can spend hours on this site looking at all the pretty things and how-to's that I must have in my life. The two ladies over there  always bring the most thought out tutorials right to your computer screen, and to be honest this is not the first time I have heard of using tape to do your eyeliner but its one of the easiest ones I have seen thus far. 

#5- Soft & Pretty Make-Up VIA Lipstick With Some Sunshine

To Lipstick With Some Sunshine
Tamira is the founder & editor of Lipstick With Some Sunshine; from her site you can tell she is a very relaxed girl when it comes to her makeup; she uses really good quality makeup but the looks she creates are very pretty. I really loved this look because of her eyeshadow which is a peachy pink. I am sure you could fine drugstore options and re-create this look on a budget! Such a good site for inspiration!

Now go grab a drink and spend some time looking at all these sites; I am sure you will find something that you love from all of them and maybe can even re-create a look over the weekend!

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  1. That tape trick is seriously good. I'm going to give it a go. xx


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