Friday, February 27, 2015

Only God Can Make a Kitten Written By: Rhonda Gowler Greene Illustrated By: Laura J. Bryant

Only God Can Make a Kitten is such a cute book that explains God’s creation in a very easy to understand format for small children. The mom and her two children are outside and the little boy is amazed at all he see’s around him, he asks about who made “insert item” and the mom replies “Only God can make a (insert item)”…by the end the mom tells the little boy that God made him too. Along with the amazing story you have really nice illustrations, they keep the child engaged in the book while your reading and leave room for questions you can ask your child along the way that pertain to the story. The book is well written in a shorter format with only a few sentences on each page; the book is also a hardcover with glossy pages. I highly recommend this book for your child’s bookshelf; it’s really a nice book for small children.

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