Tuesday, March 24, 2015

26 Lessons I've Learned In My 26 Years

My birthday is in a week.

I will be 27 years old. 

Way closer to 30 than I was a few years ago...

I wanted to take some time and reflect on what I've learned about life and how I've changed in my 26 years of it. 

#1 Life is just too short. Its cliche I know, but its true. One day you wake up and realize that you don't have forever to do the so many things on your list of life...

#2 Family is what you make it. Whether your family consists of complete relatives, friends, or what have you, its completely what you make it. 

#3 Some people are not your friends; and guess what its completely OK! Some people just don't deserve your presence in life.

#4 Trends are just that; so my best advice is to find and set your own. 

#5 Its ok to wear flip flops year round, even when it snows.

#6 Speaking of snow, you need more than bread and milk if a snow storm is coming by the way.

#7 Your natural beauty is the most beautiful. There is no point in trying to cover those flaws, embrace them, truly embrace them.

#8 Keep searching for your true self, and remember that person only stays a while, you are constantly changing in life as is your true self. 

#9 The smell of your laundry really does matter. 

#10 Target is God's gift for moms everywhere. Its clean, the carts are heavy duty plastic, there are always cashiers, and you get your exercise...I love going and walking around on weekdays when its not so busy and my kid can just sit in the cart and ride along happily.

#11 Speaking of Target, your amusement level changes...

#12 Most restaurants these days play loud music, and it really annoys me. I'm one who likes to have a conversation without yelling at the dinner table. 

#13 Speaking of music, my music level has changed drastically; Instead of full on rappers its people like Meghan Trainer, Sheppard, LMFAO, Bruno Mars...etc. etc. If its yelling or I cannot understand the music then I wont be listening to it. 

#14 Deva Delporto is 5 star entertainment once my kids go to bed. She is hilarious and keeps it real on motherhood.

#15 Profanity sometimes makes you sound really uneducated; but there are times when it just fits perfectly into what your saying or writing...and guess what, that is OK too! 

#16 Bubble Baths are over rated.

#17 Wine before dinner and coffee afterwards is simply amazing.

#18 Not cleaning every free moment you have is OK! Sometimes a mess is worth it. 

#19 Be careful where you put your money; save and invest because life will throw something at you when you least expect it.

#20 Have a job/career that makes you happy, truly happy. You do not have to suffer through life because of the job/career you currently have, do something that makes you happy and benefits someone else too. 

#21 Its ok to live for yourself once in a while. You deserve happiness too. 

#22 Its normal if your idea of a "wild night" is curling up on the couch with a blanket, good book, or Netflix...

#23 Its ok to stay in pajamas all day and just not care what you look like. 

#24 Cherish the days you can sleep in; one day that will all change. 

#25 Sunday breakfast is simply amazing; I love going to little hole in the wall places and trying something new...

#26 The moments when you say nothing and your mind is at rest is one of the most beautiful places you will ever be in life. 

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  1. Happy early birthday! It's mine 2 weeks today. xx


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