Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tell The Truth | Tuesday

I'm Alive!

I Promise.

Well mostly alive, I think my feet are dead and possibly my back.

I'm exhausted.

Nope, that's called Motherhood...they should put "see motherhood/mom" beside the word exhausted in the dictionary.

But the blog shall go on and I must write a post because I have seriously lacked in that department for a few weeks very long while...

HELLO! If you have stuck around following me and my blog than I want to say a huge THANK YOU, your are totally awesome. I have literally been racking my brain over the past few months about the direction I want to take this blog and well, to be honest I still don't know, so my goal is just to write, whatever comes, comes. Today I'm starting a weekly confession post so to speak called Tell The Truth | Tuesday; basically I confess all my lies/sins/possible meltdowns to you here from the past week and we all get a huge laugh or cry together and pick ourselves up off the floor and become superwoman again.

Let's get started.

#1 I really dislike when people assume things about another person. See, I started babysitting for a friend, and her little guy is only about 3 months old, super cute! I had to go to the store after I'd take my little peeps to school and the cashier assumed the baby was mine; she decided it was her duty to take my full shopping cart to my car and then proceed to load it because I had two kids with me...The whole reason this annoyed me is this lady sees me all the time with my own 4 peeps and yet never offers to help me to my car, but if I take this little dude and my tot with me to the store I must have help, my hands are more full with two than four I guess!

#2 Scare Tactics of a 10yo: My daughter is like a cat, I mean she could be cat woman for Pete sakes when shes older; she likes to sneak and hide from you and then jump out from the side and scare the fire out you. This happened the other night to Jim...He was in the laundry room putting his work clothes in the dryer, upon his was out Gaby jumped out from beside him and went "Boo", all I heard was him yelp SO LOUD...I died laughing in the kitchen because I already knew what happened. I was thankful is wasn't  me this time lol!

#3 I LOVE watching my husband play Skyrim. I do, its awful. He will play sometimes before we go to bed and I end up yelling at the game like some people do football...I get too excited. Its sad. I won't play because I cannot work the controller properly.

#4 Blue Bloods or The Blacklist anyone?! What is it with these types of shows that just draw you in?...I mean really, there is nothing so special about them. Now if Netflix could hurry up already with the next seasons of these I would be so happy.

#5 I felt Allyson's pain in Mom's Night Out...the whole movie was like watching my every day; and I like Bones thought process at the end...FANTASTIC MOVIE. I won't ruin it for those of you who have yet to see it.

#6 Do you ever look at your kids and wonder where they came from?! I do, all the time. I mean sometimes they say things and I am just like WTH?! Does that even make sense? Was that even a comeback? What do they teach in school these days?!

#7 My little sister got engaged to the love of her life this past weekend; in Asheville...I cried. Like a baby. Ha, not because she was engaged but because that is where my honeymoon was and I realized that we lost all our pictures when our computer decided to crash!...sigh; I am super excited for her, but we all knew it was only a matter of time, they have the love that makes you want to vomit lol ;)

#8 I was at the store a few weeks ago and this lady kept talking to my 3yo; when she walks off he asks me a million times SUPER LOUD "Who is him?" and when I tell him to SHH, he says "Him is weird mommy"...I walked super quick up the isle and over some...kids are too honest and have not a care in the world about what they say sometimes. If you ever want to know if your outfit makes you look fat ask a kid...they won't lie. 

#9 I am NOT ready for the tween/teen years. Nope, can I take a rain check? Little Girls...Nuff Said!

#10 I finally learned to french braid...yep, its sad. I am almost 30 and just learned. I can only do my daughters hair though not even my own yet. I need more practice. Thank heaven for cute hair buns.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the new series Tell The Truth | Tuesday; I really hope you like it. Have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon.

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