Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Women Are Scary | Melanie Dale | BookLook Review

Women Are Scary is book written by Melanie Dale for moms everywhere; and by everywhere I mean wherever you are on your mom walk. Dale takes you through her adventures of navigating motherhood and making friends, or as she calls them momlationships. What I think most women don't realize is that when you have a baby, your whole life changes; from where you eat out to who you "want" to be around, your friends change the most and the most often throughout your journey as a mom. Its hard making friends, let alone in a brand new place where you know no one. What I really found great about this book is Dales perspective on friends, you have a totem pole so to speak, some are on level one at the ground, where others are at the top...You have friends you speak to only about certain things, some you call for prayers/encouragement, and others you can talk about anything with and who you go out with as mom friends without your kids. I like how she has them on levels, it makes so much sense when you look at momlationships that way. I highly recommend this book to any mother whether your soon to be, new, or veteran...this book will prepare you for whats to come, help you where you are, and remind you why you loved motherhood so much; because motherhood is such a valuable gift for women.

You can purchase a copy of this book on Amazon; You can read my full BookLook Disclaimer HERE; You can check out Melanie's Blog HERE.

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