Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jesus, Bread, & Chocolate | John J. Thompson

Jesus, Bread, and Chocolate is has very nice appeal; it’s basically incorporating industrialized concepts from food to music in our everyday lives to the REAL life of a Christian; the author takes the faux-ness of things we use every day and shares how un-organic they are and how people are also basically faux today in their faith. I personally liked parts of this book and didn’t feel I learned much from others. I think that more people today should read the Bible instead of books regarding the Bible or books that have verses from the Bible; it’s all about going back to the good stuff, which is in the Bible and living that out in our daily lives. Overall, I think this book was just ok, there wasn’t anything fantastic that stuck out to me, but nothing really bad either. I think certain people could grow from this book while others would just read it for fun. 

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